1. Design of beyond beauty & Luxurious package ever

O-Lens gives you so much fun for selecting lens among the +500 kinds of range.
Our dedicated design lab which is located at Seoul, South Korea keeps creating
beauty trend leading hot design and lovely package.
They make new design every week. Enjoy changing yourself with various design of O-Lens.

2. O-Lens has applied the Advanced & Latest technology to keep your eyes healthy

Our priority is to give you HEALTHY & beautiful eyes.
We have contributed to develop & adopt latest technology of soft lens manufacturing.
Especially, you can release safety concern for color lens because we have applied Double Wrapped Technology (DWT)
which makes the color does not touch the surface of eye.
O-Lens products have approved by FDA, KFDA and has CE certificate.

3. O-Lens use the Approved & Safety material only

Our priority is to give you HEALTHY & beautiful eyes.
O-Lens has adopted one of the newest material for soft lens named
Silicone-Hydrogels which provides more oxygen to your eye while you are wearing lenses.
Another advanced material we are using is called PC (Phosphorylcholine),
the material that is used for cardiovascular surgical.
This PC material is biocompatible and contains plenty of water giving so much comfortable experience to users.

4. World first & best cosmetic contact lens specialized brand

O-Lens is the world first and best cosmetic contact lens brand who combines lens & beauty.
We are running O-Lens franchise shop in Asia countries and export to +10counties worldwide.
O-Lens is well acknowledged and loved by global fashion brand & celebrities.
Thanks for millions of reviews from worldwide fans, you can try O-Lens without any hesitation.

5. O-Lens gives you customer-oriented service

The best color lens company O-Lens provides the best service for customer.
Our customer care center always think about customer satisfaction &
do our best to deliver high value of service to you.
Whenever you contact our customer care center, you will be delighted & respected with our well-trained service.
Just feel free to send your feedback for any complaints or compliments at here cs@o-lens.co.in
We will listen and act!