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What is “O-LENS”

Is O-lens safe for my eyes?

What is included in each O-Lens package?

Can I wear make-up with O-lens?

What is the caution for wearing contact lens?

Do you offer any promotion or event?

I’d like to get sponsored by O-Lens for my business. Can you be a beauty sponsor for me?

Customer Support

Which solution should I use?

Blurry vision when i wear the lenses. how can i do?

It's itching One side only. how can i do?

Lenses are irritating my eyes. How can I do ?

How can i upload Photo review ?

How to use coupon code?

How can i add my address & mobile information ??

How to redeem coupon / how to use my point/rewards/credit ?

How can i check my point / rewards point ?


How can I find best color for me?

I want to check all share of lens, send me all colors what you have

What’s the duration (disposable) means?


International Shipping available?

Please give me courier guy or office number.

How long does delivery take to my city?

When I will receive my packet / How can I track my packet