6 Bollywood Divas Who Rocks Colored Contact Lenses: Bollywood Actress Eye Color Lens Inspiration

6 Bollywood Divas Who Rocks Colored Contact Lenses: Bollywood Actress Eye Color Lens Inspiration

Contact lenses are a great substitute if you want to get rid of your boring thick glasses. They are super convenient and make the wearer look and feel great. You can achieve a totally new look by wearing colored ones.

Colored contact lenses are also fast becoming a trendy fashion accessory. You have seen the rise in bright and bold colored eyeshadows, and colored contacts are the next step if you wish to give your face a makeover.

And yes, there are famous Bollywood celebrities who have set a trend out of colored contact lenses. From the very experimental Priyanka Chopra to the style queen Kangana Ranaut, celebrities are experimenting with colored contact lenses and their new gorgeous appearances say colored contact lenses are worth giving a try.

And why not? Wearing colored lenses certainly give you a glamorous look. It is also great for taking pictures and shooting as the eyes can catch the light better.The good news is the looks worn by famous celebrities are achievable by normal people. You just need the right makeup, matching hair color, and your favorite colored contact lenses.  Start experimenting with different colors to achieve the look you want. You can try out the superior quality  1day collection lens form O-Lens that features varied colored lens including natural grey, gold, and brown colors.


The most fun part about colored contact lenses is that they come in a variety of colors and you can pick anyone to match your skin tone, hair color or just wear them to enhance your natural eye color. For instance, if you have naturally brown eyes, you can wear an O-Lens brown-colored lens from Spanish Real Collection to enhance your eye color.


Without further ado, let’s take a look at the reigning bollywood actresses who are rocking colored contact lenses and setting trends. After knowing their style, you may want to copy them or start a new trend of your own.   

Priyanka Chopra

Original Eye Color: Dark Brown

Colored Contact Lenses Worn by the Celeb: Shades of greys, greens, and browns

Famous Indian actress and former Miss World, and now an established Hollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra is not only on top of the game with her trendy wardrobe but she loves to experiment with her eye color too.

Priyanka is seen in different avatars in all her movies and all thanks to her confidence, makeup, and colored contact lenses, every time she is able to portray a different look. Just like her bold style, this actress takes bold roles in movies too.

Earlier in her career, the dusky beauty with natural dark brown eyes was often seen wearing colored contact lenses that are shades of greys and greens. These eye-catching eye colors made her appear unique both on the screen and off-screen and made her stand out.

You can try and get Priyanka’s look by wearing the Secriss Natural Grey contact lenses from O-Lens.


The buzz has it that Chopra Priyanka started her love affair with tinted lenses in 2008, at the age of 26. Earlier, the popular Quantico star who has over 25 million Instagram followers use to often put on green and grey colored contact lenses for a striking, unique look. It used to match her glossy black hair and even dusky tone perfectly. You can sport a subtle smoky eyes makeup and wear green contacts to achieve a look like Priyanka Chopra.

Chopra’s fashion sense evolved over the years and now she is often seen wearing softer makeup and brown tinted lenses. You can also try out her look by picking brown tinted lenses from the Jenith3 Collection. Your new brown contacts will blend flawlessly with brown-toned hair color.


If you check Priyanka’s Instagram, you will find plenty of selfies posted by the actress where she perfectly completes her eye makeup by wearing tinted contact lenses. The actress was recently married to pop sensation, Nick Jonas in style and it looks like she has no plans to get rid of her tinted lenses. 

Bipasha Basu

Original Eye Color: Dark Brown  

Colored Contact Lenses Worn by the Celeb: Pure hazel colored eye contact lenses

Bollywood’s dusky and most sensual dark-brown eyed beauty, Bipasha Basu, who won the 2001 Filmfare Award for the Best Debut Actress for her work in the thriller Ajnabee is often seen rocking pure hazel colored eye contact lenses on the red carpet. And she definitely looks like a Greek goddess. The eye color complements her dark brown hair and dusky tone effortlessly.

In one of her interviews, she revealed that she started wearing contact lenses to correct her short-sightedness when she had to announce the new Seven Wonders of the World on a July 7 event in Lisbon in 2007. If you have been wearing glasses for years, you know how inconvenient they can get. You can also make a smart choice like Bipasha and embrace freedom and convenience by switching to contact lenses.

From grey to olive and brown colored contact lenses, the Spanish Real collection will give you plenty of choices.


The bold actress with big eyes, Bipasha was also seen wearing green contact lenses in the film Lamhaa where she plays a Kashmiri girl. Bipasha has been married to actor Karan Singh Grover for two years now and she celebrated her 40th birthday this year in style.

Kangana Ranaut

Original Eye Color: Dark Brown 

Colored Contact Lenses Worn by the Celeb: Honey and brown eye color lens

Confident, fearless, trending and gorgeous Kangana Ranaut’s style have always been on point ever since she made her debut in the film Gangster. The actress often wears a honey color lens that makes her eye pop and makes her stand out. The honey color blends flawlessly with her fair skin tone.

 At times, she also puts on brown colored contact lenses to enhance her natural eye color. To imitate the eye makeup of the trendy curly haired beauty, you can try out the superior quality Russian velvet Brown colored contact lenses.


Though Kangana may not be in the limelight too much, every time she steps out, the fans are always hooked with her style. She manages to balance her style with the characters she plays in her movies.  Whether it is traditional or western style, this bold actress can pull it off.  Spanish Brown ( 1 Day ) colored contact lenses are another good option if you want to wear eye makeup like Kangana Ranaut.  Moreover, eye colors including brown, green, amber, and grey suit the Indian skin tone perfectly.


Jacqueline Fernandez 

Original Eye Color: Black

Colored Contact Lenses Worn by the Celeb: Brown colored lens.

Jacqueline Fernandez stole a million hearts when she stepped her feet in Bollywood with her captivating charm and personality. She is not new to the glamor world as she is also a model. No wonder she is one of the top style icons today. Jacqueline is spotted looking flawless everywhere she goes and black-eyed beauty from bollywood often likes to wear brown colored contact lenses.

When it comes to makeup, Jacqueline likes to keep it clean and wear it bold. She also believes in contouring, whether it's eye contouring, nose contouring or even lip contouring.

Do you like to mimic the eye makeup of the happy go lucky style icon, Jacqueline Fernandez? Try out the Jenith3 Brown colored eye contact lenses to pull off eye makeup like her.


Ileana D'cruz

Original Eye Color: Dark Brown  

Colored Contact Lenses Worn by the Celeb: Pure hazel colored lens

For quite some time now, Ileana D’cruz has been the face of fashion. Her style has evolved over the years giving petite girls a true inspiration. A true fashionista at heart, Ileana is often seen wearing pure hazel colored lens that matches her black hair and tanned Indian skin tone faultlessly.

This glamorous and classy B-town girl made her debut in the hit film Barfi.  She was also seen in a box office hit, crime thriller film, Rustom alongside Akshay where she nailed the retro look. To recreate the look of Ileana D’cruz in Rustom, you can get large curls and wear them neatly contoured around your face and keep a soft beehive pinned up in an exaggerated puff. Also, wear colored contact lenses from Jenith3 collection to don eye makeup like this famous celebrity.



Deepika Padukone

Original Eye Color: Black

Colored Contact Lenses Worn by the Celeb: Light brown and green

The doe-eyed beauty and of bollywood, Deepika Padukone, who was a Kingfisher model and badminton player, starts her daily look with a pair of light brown or green colored contact lenses. Deepika became an instant celebrity after her film debut with Shahrukh Khan in the hit movie Om Shanti Om in 2007

Whether she is wearing her light brown eye makeup or eye-catching green contact lenses, the actress always looks perfect and glamorous. It is because apart from her flawless facial makeup and dress, she wears lenses that absolutely match her brown hair and tanned Indian skin.

Deepika’s signature look usually includes light brown contact lenses, bronzed skin, soft winged liner, and a colorful pout. Her original eye color is black.

To achieve eye makeup like Deepika Padukone, put on the Russian Velvet Brown contact lenses.


Now that you have learned about the varied colored contact lenses worn by famous Bollywood celebs, the next question is:

What is the secret behind celebrities always picking the right colored contact lenses?

So here is the big secret behind celebrities always donning the perfect eye makeup. They pick a color that tints their iris and highlights their eye's natural color. Unless you want colored lenses to dramatically change your eye color, you can do the same too.   

For instance, if you have gray colored eyes, you can go for Secriss Coral Gray (1 Day) to enhance your eye color. If you want to be on the safer side, opt for natural colors like hazel, honey or a lighter brown that accentuates your natural eye color.


The makeup artists of the celebrities also ensure that the colored contact lenses match the skin tone and hair color of the wearer.

However, there is no hard and fast rule that you have to only pick colors that enhance your natural eye color. You can experiment and have fun with different colored lenses. At the end of the day, that is what colored lens is all about. Don’t hesitate to wear the Jenith3 Blue colored contact lenses even if you don’t have blue eyes. It can totally transform your boring look to a marvelous look in an instant.   


When it comes to celebrities, they need to frequently change their eye color, depending on the character they have to create for on-screen or off-screen events. Though artists make use of contact lenses as a prop, there is no reason why you cannot try out this wonderful trend that can totally transform your look.

Comfort and style

Celebrities also ensure that they are picking only premium quality colored contact lenses for their eyes. If you are not comfortable and confident with what you are wearing, there is less chance of you rocking the makeup.  Comfort and style go hand in hand.

Also, by not wearing high-quality contact lenses, you have a high chance of developing eye infection that can lead to serious vision problems in the near future.

Whether you want to wear colored contact lenses to experiment for the first time or want to change the color of the contact lenses you are wearing, quality is a must. You can easily opt for O-Lens whose quality is guaranteed by the FDA, CE and KFDA certificate. They will protect your eyes while giving you the look of a celebrity you admire.  

By now you might have realized how one small alteration can have such a dramatic effect on one’s countenance. Colored contact lenses have the ability to give a completely new persona to the wearer. So, why wait? Lay your hands on your favorite color for your eyes. You could get extremely experimental in an instant.