BEST 3 Coloured Contact Lenses for guys

All around the world, wearing lenses among the guys have been very popular. These lenses are not only meant for women but also meant for men, just you are required to know how to choose the right ones for your eyes. However, we find different types of lenses in the market. Color contact lenses are available in numerous designs and styles, but how to select the right color for a man like you?

You are required to keep a definite focus on the lenses that will bring out the masculine characteristics. The important thing is to keep it natural.  

OLENS is a professional colour contact lens brand that creates unlimited eye-styling with exclusive and various designs of colour contact lens. The company has become the world premier eye-beauty trend creator through its sophisticated lenses.


Recommendation for choosing the perfect coloured contact lenses for Guys

The contact lens colour that will suit you best depends on several factors, including skin, hair tone and the kind of appearance you want to achieve-subtle and natural-looking or dramatic and daring.

Here we recommend OLENS Best 3 colored lenses which might be perfect for guys.


  • Spanish Real Olive – “for Gentle Look”

Spanish Real Olive is a new type of colored contacts lenses from OLENS sells online that give you the best vision. Besides the colour, this kind of contact lenses can continuously remind us of a gentleman, and also show broadmindedness to others.


  • Symphony Green – “for Masculine Look”

It is another decent colored contact I can recommend for you. It’s worth to have a try, this kind of colored contact lenses can almost change your overall image.  Green colored can provide a healthy blend for natural eye color and sometimes make you appear enigmatic. And did you know that Green color is the most preferred color by Indian guys as it suits the best on Indian tone.


  • Russian Velvet Blue – “for Elite Look”

As you know BLUE is the symbol of smart and trust. This natural looking cool blue is stylish yet elite! Not need to mention how natural when you wear Russian Velvet Blue lenses, you will be astonished how could these contact lenses be so soft and light and easy and comfortable to wear. Your eyes will sense hydrated and fresh all day long. This is a tremendously remarkable product.


OLENS Design Lab is always ready to provide trendy color designs for your beautiful eyes. The above-mentioned colored contact lenses are just some of them. If you want to know more about the lenses designed by us you can go and search it on the website


Our design center located in South Korea is specialized in creating the most attractive design, luxurious packages and eye-catching contents which makes us world best color contact lens brand. Once you meet OLENS, you will see beyond beauty that you haven’t experienced so far.