Colored Lenses according to hair color and eye color

Colored Contact Lenses for Light Eyes

Do you have light eyes and want to change your look in a subtle way? An enhancement tint that makes the edges of your iris stand out or deepens your natural eye color will be a great choice.

You can experiment with a different eye color while still looking natural. For instance, if you have gray eyes, go for violet or blue contacts to look different. 

In case you want a dramatic new look to catch people’s attention, a warm-toned colored lens such as Russian velvet brown will be perfect so long as you have light-colored eyes and a cool complexion with blue-red undertones.  You can opt for Russian velvet brown/grey/blue from o-lens

Colored Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes

If you have dark eyes, opaque colored tints are the best choice. If you want a change but still want to look natural as possible, go for a lighter honey brown or hazel colored lens.

At times, you want to stand out from the crowd and catch attention. For those times, contact lenses in vivid colors will make you achieve what you desire. Try Aqua gold or lime gold shades from O-lens. Also, bright-colored lenses will give you a dramatic appearance if your skin is dark.

You will find all superior quality colored contact lenses at O-Lens to create the desired look. Suggest Color Lens: Hazel gold from o-lens

Colored Contact Lenses for Medium Brown Hair


Almost every contacts color available at O-Lens will match with your medium brown hair. Some favourites are honey, blue, grey, black, and green colored contact lenses. Experiment with different hues and have fun.

Suggest Color Lens: Jenith3 brown from o-lens

 Colored Contact Lenses for Blonde and Light Hair

 Think darker colors like black, deep browns, and chocolate. They will perfectly complement your hair color. Even lighter colored lenses like brown and grey will work as well and give you a distinctly Caucasian look. The trick is to color your brows in the same color as your hair to achieve a more put together look. If you have platinum blonde hair, bright blue can make a great choice.

Suggest Color Lens: Russian velvet blue from o-lens

Colored Contact Lenses for Black hair

If you carry black hair blue or Lavender contacts will provide a stunning contrast. They look especially great on cool-toned shade hair like blue-black. Pick brown colored contact lenses if you want a more natural look.

Suggest Color Lens: Jenith3 pink or Lavender gold from o-lens

Colored Contact Lenses for Red Hair

Red hair and green eyes are like a match made in heaven. Blending them will give you an electric contrast and make your eyes stand out. Pick any shade of green if you have red hair. If your red hair is light, you can go for darker tones. Blue colored contact lenses aren’t a bad choice too. They will provide a striking contrast.

Suggest Color Lens: jenith3 green or Spanish real olive from o-lens

Colored Contact Lenses for Light Colored Hair

Your purple, pink, blue or other bright colored hair is already attracting enough attention. Complete your look with a simple brown circle or one-tone black contact lenses. If you go for bright contact lenses, it will be too overwhelming.  

Suggest Color Lens:Spanish Real Brown from o-lens

How About a Universally Flattering Lens Color? Can I Find One?

Enhancement contact lenses also known as circle lenses will flatter any skin or hair color. They display a black or brown enlargement ring pattern to define your iris. Wearing them will make your eyes appear bigger, sharper and more awake. The best part about them is that they complement any accessory as they deliver minimal color change.