Colored lenses according to skin tone

Choosing the Right Colored Contact Lenses by Your Skin Tone

Colored Contact Lenses that looks good on your friend doesn’t mean it will look good on you too. Learn how to pick the best colored contact lenses by your skin tone.  

Colored Contact Lenses for Fair Skin 

Though you can have any skin tone and still rock any colored contact lenses of your liking, having a fair skin has an added advantage.  This skin tone matches any color so you can wear anything without having to worry about a color mismatch. However, the colors that best harmonize fair skin are Russian velvet grey and Russian velvet blue so go for them if you have a fair skin tone.

You can also experiment and see if you like the sweet look the pink colored contact lenses at O-Lens gives you. If you want shiny eyes, Lavender gold, and Russian velvet blue will make a great pick. 

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Colored Contact Lenses for Tanned/Medium Skin

Bright colored contact lenses can complement brown skin perfectly. Consider green, hazel, grey, Ice gold, and honey brown. All these colors will make your eyes glow. and aqua are not recommended for brown skin though you can wear anything you like. Neutral colors like brown or grey look best if they're of a slightly different shade than your eye shadow. It will make your irises pop.

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Colored Contact Lenses for Dark Skin 

Warm colors usually work best for this exotic skin tone. You can opt for varied colors, all depending on the kind of effect you want to achieve. A warm brown, hazel can give you a sexy look apart from smoky colors. With honey colored lenses or grey lenses, you can achieve an out-of-the-ordinary look and will surely make heads turn.  Pink or aqua colored contact lenses aren’t recommended.

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Colored Contact Lenses for Warm Skin Tones

If you have warm skin tone, go for lenses that feature highlights of brown,  hazel Gold and green.

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Colored Contact Lenses for Cool Skin Tones 

If you have a cool skin tone, ice blue, may be most appealing. 

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Not Sure About Your Skin Tone?

Here is an easy way to make out your skin tone. Check the color of your vein in bright sunlight. If you have a green vein, your skin tone is warm. Blue vein implies that your skin tone is cool. If your veins are a mix of green and blue, then you have a neutral skin tone. Hope this helps.