Indian Girls' Styling with Lenses

If you are an Indian beauty looking for the perfect pair of coloured contact lenses online to pair with your bridal wear, there is good news for you!

At O-lens, we have a wide range of high-quality colored contact lenses that you can choose to blend with any color outfit. Whether it is your red bridal wear or your blue outfit or any other outfit colour, we have a lens colour that will match your dress. Pink, gold, blue, gray, green- name it, and we have every color in our store. 

Wedding is a very special occasion, a day when you want to look and feel your best. And for girls who wear glasses, it can cause makeup hindrance and even make you feel uncomfortable. In a traditional Indian wedding, a girl is bound to wear plenty of jewelry starting from bindi to churiyas and payals. The bridal outfit is usually intricately designed and eye-catching too. So wearing glasses can be a big fashion disaster apart from being inconvenient.

It is great that you are looking for coloured contact lenses as switching on to lenses is the best option even if it is only for your big day. And it doesn’t mean it has to be strictly your wedding day. You can choose to wear contact lenses whenever you are attending any traditional Indian wedding or your friend’s sangeet or other ceremonies. Contact lenses are not only convenient but it improves your aesthetic appeal. 

Without further do, here is what color lens you should wear going by the colour of your outfit choice. Scroll down to see whether we have picked your outfit colour and get to know which colour lens to wear on your big day.

The darling bride in red: Which color lens should you pick?

The colour red is an integral part of any Indian wedding and choosing to wear red on your wedding day is a brilliant idea. Red is the colour that is commonly associated with love and passion. In Indian context, the colour is also connected to the rising sun. Besides, astrology has it that the planet in charge of marriages, Mars, is red in colour. Thus, Indian brides, especially Hindu brides commonly wear red during the wedding proceedings to bring prosperity and fertility.

Since red is an eye-catching colour, you need contact lens colors that don’t scream attention lest you end up looking too flashy. If you are choosing to wear an outfit that is brick red in colour, Jenith3 Brown can be a great option. The colour of the lens is deep brown that your blend with your outfit colour choice.

For your bright red outfit, there is a matching light brown color lens named the Russian Velvet Brown.

If your bridal wear is hot red, the colour of the blood, better go for the Russian Velvet Gray collection so as to draw a little attention away from your dress to your eyes. After all, eyes are the windows to your soul and you want your groom to be looking into it.

The modern bride in green bridal wear: Here’s your eyes contact lenses colour choice

Lately, bridal sarees in dark greens have been stealing the whole show. No wonder as a modern woman you chose this amazing colour for your big day. The colour green symbolizes life, renewal, nature, and energy and is associated with growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. Certainly, a great colour to wear on your auspicious day! 

If you have chosen to wear the trending dark green colour bridal wear, it can only be matched by our Glory Brown lens color selection. It is a light brown colour lens, only a shade darker from our Russian Velvet Brown and will make you appear mysterious and charming.   

For your mesmerizing medium green sea colour outfit, we have the equally mesmerizing Secriss3 Coral Gray collection of eye lens which is dark grey in colour. It will give enough attention to your dress without your eyes taking away all the gazes and stares.

And if your outfit colour choice is lime green, you can go for the Jenith3 Collection of colour lens to make your outfit and eye makeup blend perfectly. It will leave you looking stunning and wild.

The Aspara in blue: Your contact lens colour choice

Blue, the colour of the sky and sea is often associated with depth and stability. And it creates a calm and tranquil effect. The colour blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. No wonder many Indian brides choose to wear blue with silver or gold embroideries on their wedding.


When it comes to shades of blue, the royal blue is a favourite among brides. Since the colour is brighter than navy blue, you can opt for a cool and neutral contact lens colour to bring balance. The Glory Gray line of O-Lens contact lens collection will make a great choice.

For the sophisticated bride in navy blue, Spanish Brown contact lenses would be a brilliant choice. Brown is a warm and down to earth colour and it will balance the colour of your outfit.

If you are wearing an indigo blue outfit, go for a neutral coloured contact lens like the Jenith3 Sky Gray collection. It is a more intense colour than Glory Gray and will definitely blend in with your dark blue outfit.

The pretty bride in pink: Find out your contact lens colour

Pink being a feminine colour, it comes as no surprise that many Indian brides choose to wear pink. The delicate colour symbolizes sweetness, playfulness, romance, charm, femininity, and tenderness. It has its special place in Indian weddings and it looks like the colour is gaining its popularity among men too. Moreover, this pretty colour will freshen up the aura of the venue. And the colour pink blends in well with most other colours, if done right.


Did you choose hot pink as the colour of your bridal wear? You can opt for eyes contact lenses that are blue in colour like the Russian Velvet Blue coloured lens. The combo of blue eyes and hot pink bridal outfit will leave you looking like a princess.

For your strawberry pink outfit, the Secriss3 Coral Brown contact lenses are a fabulous choice. The warm and dynamic brown colour will blend with the femininity of pink.

In case you have settled for the most feminine colour of all, bubble gum pink, you should not hesitate to wear pink contact lenses as well. Jenith3 Pink lenses will be a great pick to blend with your outfit as it has a light pink shade and will not clash with your outfit colour.

The simple yet elegant bride in pastel bridal wear: What could be your best contact lens colour choice?

Although Bollywood has provided us with enough examples of beautiful red and hot pink bridal wears, the story doesn’t end there. Certain group of modern women like to play the toned-down bride in natural shades. And why not? There are many pretty pastel shades that can make gorgeous bridal wears and pastels are considered as delicate and feminine colours.


Nothing is more timeless than the perfect shade of cream. If your outfit choice of colour is cream, the perfect shade for your eyes to blend in with the outfit colour will be gold. Go for the Russian Gold collection and add the needed sparkle, glitz, and glamour.

For your pretty pastel pink bridal wear, we recommend the Lavender Gold collection of contact lenses. The combination of light purple and gold colours will make you look royal and add a warm glow.

If you have chosen a peach colour outfit, a neutral coloured Jenith3 Natural Gray contact lens will be simple perfect.

Look and feel the best on your wedding day!

Now that you know which coloured contact lenses will match your wedding wear, it is important to note that the lens you wear should also bring you comfort. Buy coloured contact lenses only from reputed stores like O-Lens. We ensure that we offer you the value for your money. Our products have been designed keeping our customer’s comfort and fashion taste in mind. Thus, we provide a competitive edge among our peers.

Experiment with our coloured contact lenses

There is no hard and fast rule that you should buy the coloured contact lens we recommend. The lenses we recommend are only to inspire you. After all, it is your big day and you want everything to be perfect. You can experiment with different colours and settle with the one you deem perfectly matches your outfit colour. Luckily, we have a wide range of coloured contact lenses for our loyal customers. Add them to your shopping carts and have fun experimenting with the colours. You can ask your friends for help if you aren’t sure about which color suits you. Simply put on the different contact lenses and let them see. If not, just follow our guide. We hope you will have lots of fun experimenting with our coloured lenses.