What Does the Water Content of a Contact Lens Mean?

Water content is a vital feature of the range of plastics that are used to design soft contact lenses.

When it comes to conventional soft contact lenses, the general rule is that the higher the water content, the more oxygen can go through the lens to the surface of the eye. It is vital for wearing the lens comfortably and healthy eyes.

However, note that high water content lenses may be more susceptible to tear easily as they are fragile.  

When lenses made from silicone hydrogel materials, the relationship between water content and oxygen transmission is not alike. Regardless of whether their water content is high or low, they attain very high levels of oxygen transmission.

How much water content makes good contact lenses?

On hydrogel material, the water content standard that makes good contact lenses that is comfortable for your eye ranges between 38 to 75 % of the overall weight of the contact lens.

O-Lens is a high-quality colored contact lens that usually contains 38% water content making it a very great choice when you select contact lenses. Not only do they make your eyes more beautiful but they are comfortable to wear and protect your eyes.

Why water content is so important?

The choice of contact lens type you use is very important. It is not only the colors and patterns of contact lens that allows you to achieve your desired look that matters.

You need to pick contact lenses based on the quality and composition of the basic materials. Choosing your contact lenses simply by its color can be fatal to your eye health, especially if you have sensitive eyes. 

Always consider the water content, diameter, and thickness (base curve) of the contact lenses when buying them. These features will determine the ability of your contact lens to absorb water and deliver oxygen to your eyes.

Usually, contact lenses are made out of soft hydrophilic material or plastics, known as hydrogels. It absorbs water in large amounts from the nearby areas so as to keep the lens soft and supple.

Water content is the size of the absorbing power of hydrogel material. Contact lenses themselves are designed in a flexible way so as to make it comfortable for you to wear. The basic material used for making soft lenses, Hydrogel is regarded as the perfect material for designing contact lenses to date.  

How can I find out the water content of my contact lenses?

Typically, you can find the water content percentage shown on the packaging of your contact lenses. The percentage of water content that you see in the contact lens product packaging is displaying the percentage size of the lens in absorbing water in the nearby areas. It is not the amount of water contained in the contact lens.  

In the product packaging, you’ll also spot the components that make up the rest of the lens and the material used to design the surface of the lens. 

You can start using O-Lens that contains 38% water content to have a comfortable contact wearing experience and protect your eyes.