What is the Best Color Lens for the Wedding Season?

Are you planning to attend a friend’s wedding? Or is someone in your family tying the knot?

You surely want to look your best on that day but going a little subtle on your overall look will save you from being labeled as an attention seeker. After all, on a wedding day, the attention should be on the couple and not you.

But again, it doesn’t mean you arrive looking drab and uninteresting. Get an amazing outfit for the day and pair it with subtle yet interesting coloured eye lenses.

Why buy coloured contact lenses for a wedding?

Because they are trending eye accessories and will pep up your look without going overboard, provided you choose the right lens colors.

So, what is the best color lens for the wedding season? 

Earlier, the brown contact lens was extremely popular among wedding-goers.

The reason? They naturally sync with the Indian eye color while accentuating the skin tone. But you don’t have to stick to brown hues when there are myriad of interesting colors to pick from.

Here is a list of the best color lens for wedding season. You can wear them to match the dress color you pick and your eye makeup. Pair them well and everything will be a cakewalk. 

Secriss Coral Grey

 Secriss Coral Grey eyes contact lenses can be a great pick if you are attending a wedding in the warmer season. It is the perfect spring and summer color and will add divine and classy effects to your eyes giving them a natural colour-changing appeal.  The lens comes with brown speckles for giving you a more natural look. 

The lens colors will blend perfectly with blush pink, midnight blue, orange soda or dark green dress. 

When it comes to eye makeup, you can stick to "grey-scale" tones including silver, grey, charcoal or black.

Apply a medium matte grey shadow on the lid and lower lash line and smoke out the outer corner of the eye with charcoal or black shadow.

To brighten up your eyes, apply a silver shadow on the upper lid and inner corner of your eye.

Eye makeup colors such as red-brown, pink, wine, or purple will look great too. If you wish to add definition and make the grey eye color pop, use chocolate brown liquid eyeliner to draw along the waterline instead of a black eye pencil. It will do the trick.

Russian Silver

The Russian Silver contact lens India looks like light gray color and will be a cool choice to wear to a wedding. It can give you the mysterious, dreamy look.

Choose to wear clothes of blues and blue-tinted shades or purple and turquoise as they work best on silver hues. 

You can try the classic statement makeup look. Pair silver eyeshadow with strong winged liner, bold lipstick, and perfectly shaped eyebrows and you will look stunning!

 To re-create the look, apply an eyeshadow base all over the eye and then apply silver shadow generously ensuring to cover the entire eyelid. Finish with liquid eyeliner. Also, shape your eyebrows with a pencil eyeliner, and add plenty of mascara or go with false lashes to create a more dramatic effect. Top it off with your favourite bold lipstick.

Or you can paint soft violet on your eyelids and pair it with a dramatic liner applied to the top and bottom lash line. Apply eyeshadow with a shimmering finish to make it stand out.  

Russian Gold

A variation of brown color, the Russian Gold lens color from O Lens is a rare colour that will make your eyes glow.

Wear the metallic gold-colored lens if you are wearing dark purple, emerald green, rose pink, red, cream or dark blue clothing.

As far as eye makeup goes, plum and purple shades can be the perfect blend for this eye color as they exist on the opposite sides of the colour spectrum.

Try violet purple, burgundy-purple, and bright purple to emphasize the gold and highlight your eyes beautifully.

For a date night out, go for plum and purple smokey eyes.

But if you are wearing gold eyes for a regular day look, apply glittering pinkish-purple tone on your lids, and deep purple eyeshadow on the creases.

Balance your eye makeup with light pink on your lips for a sexy look.


Tips to pass the special day without any hassle

Wearing a contact lens can be difficult if you are wearing it for the first time. Follow these tips to wear it like a pro and look your best.

  • Don’t wear eyes contact lenses for the first time on a special event. Do a rehearsal by trying them out at least a month before.  Even though you wear coloured eye lenses regularly, note that your eyes may react to some lenses. Test them out beforehand so that you can find an alternative in case any issues arise.
  • Don’t use powder eyeshadow and fiber mascara, as they usually stick to your contacts and irritate your eyes.
  • Resist the urge to put your lenses in too early in the day. It is better to minimize the time they’re in your eyes. However, don’t put them in just before you move out to attend the wedding as your eyes may be a little red while they adjust.
  • When you buy coloured contact lenses, ensure to opt for only the best contact lenses so as to have a good experience and take care of your eyes.

Why buy contact lenses from O Lens?

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