Which Color Lens Will Suit a Dark Skin tone?

While you can find any colour under the sun when you look for lens colors, narrowing down the infinite selection to the colours that’ll make your eyes pop is a mammoth task.

If you are using coloured eye lenses for the first time or if you are already using them but find they don’t suit you, this expert advice is for you. This article is especially dedicated to people with a dark skin tone.

Why considering your skin tone is crucial when you buy coloured contact lenses?

When you choose your coloured lens, one of the most crucial factors to consider is your skin tone. Eyes contact lenses are a part of your eye makeup. They can either enhance your beauty if worn correctly or make you look like a weirdo if you make the wrong colour lens choice.

Determine your undertone

Regardless of what skin tone you have, your skin undertone will fall under a warm undertone, cool undertone or neutral undertone. And it is vital to know your undertone as well while choosing your makeup.

To determine your undertone, hold a piece of white paper to your face. Placing a stark white piece of paper next to your face can help reveal your undertone.

The white should create a cast of color on your skin. If your face appears pink or blue, it’s a sign you have a cool undertone. If your skin appears yellow, you have a warm undertone. If your skin seems gray, you fall under the neutral undertone category.

In order to help you find the contact lenses hues that’ll flatter your skin tone and undertone, O Lens experts are here for you.

Coloured eye lenses for dark skin tone

While some people consider white skin as the standard of beauty, it is far from the truth. In reality, dark skin is gorgeous and there is a myriad of flattering colours including emerald, white, violet, gold, and brown that will accentuate your deep skin tone.  

O Lens India supplies a wide range of the best contact lenses and recommends the perfect match for your dark skin tone.

But first, you will have to figure out what kind of look you want to achieve. Do you want to go for a dramatic look and turn up to a glam event looking like a diva? Does the occasion demand you to look classy? Or are you trying to create a sexy look for your date night?

Coloured eye lenses from O Lens can help you achieve any look you want. And we have the eyeshadow tips for coloured contacts-wearers to up your eye makeup game.

Jenith Brown

Jenith Brown eyes contact lenses come in the colour of honey and will make you look naturally playful and sexy. Opt for this colour for a date night with your special someone. Your partner will be mesmerized.

Brown contact lens can also bring a splash of warmth to your look and people will be more inclined to approach you. According to researchers, having brown eyes may make you appear more trustworthy.

So it is also recommended that you wear these contacts to a job interview as well.

Which eyeshadow shades should you try? Gold and bronze tones will instantly warm your skin tone and brighten up your peepers.

Spanish Real Olive

Another colour that will perfectly complement your dark skin tone is olive. We recommend the Spanish Real Olive coloured eye lenses that can bring out the rich earthy gold tones in your skin, especially if you have a warm undertone.

These lens colors are good for everyday wear and will make you appear classy and mysterious at the same time.

Concerning eyeshadows, you can go with the classic makeup look- the smoky eye. Since smoky eyes require the use of various shades, you will need an eye shadow palette to paint your lids. Jewel tones will look so amazing against your dark skin tone. You can try this trick out with rich blues and purples. And don’t forget to apply your mascara to complete the look.

Symphony Green

Green eyes are more enigmatic than any other eye colour and can dramatically change your appearance. Green eyes make you appear mysterious. This eye colour is rare and it naturally occurs in only 2% of the world’s population. Hence the appeal. You can attract people like a magnet by mimicking this eye colour.  

If you have a glam party coming up where you want to look your best, Symphony Green eyes contact lenses can be your perfect choice.

For eyeshadows, try purples, pinks, and reds to bring out the green in your eyes. But if you are aiming for a subtle daytime look, stick to neutral browns.

More makeup tips for dark skin tone

Now that you have decided to rock your vibrant eye makeup, it is best to apply minimal makeup on the rest of the face.

Use a makeup primer all over your face to create an even canvas. Then, apply foundation (consider your undertones while picking your foundation) with a makeup blender for a seamless finish. Finally, apply a glossy nude lipstick.

But if you are not satisfied with a nude lipstick and want to up your lipstick game as well, dark lip colours, such as berries, caramels, and reds, look amazing when set against deep skin tones. 

Have fun with the colours

Finding the right eye makeup colours for your skin tone is a sure-fire way to make the most of your natural beauty. Still, while we’ve laid down a few rules, keep in mind that makeup is about having fun with colour and trying out new looks.

Buy colored contact lenses in India from O Lens and experiment with your looks.

Why O Lens?

We bring you the best coloured contact lenses that are so comfy to wear and will effortlessly blend with your dark skin tone thus offering a competitive edge. We are also FDA, CE, and KFDA certified and highly rated by our valuable customers.