Which Color Lens Will Suit a Fair Skin Tone?

Have you recently noticed that your friend’s eye colour has dramatically changed? It must have gone from brown to gray or black to purple, altering the look altogether in an oh-so-fancy way! Won’t you love to be a part of the fun too?

Coloured eye lenses are an easy and fun way to totally change your appearance and go from plain Jane to an alluring and fascinating beauty in split second. You can even glam up your looks for a special occasion or go for the complete knockout sexy look. Whatever your occasion or mood demands!

Nevertheless, you can’t simply buy coloured contact lenses without knowing which colour will best suit your fair skin tone. Because think about it, it will be a disaster to pick a colour that doesn’t enhance your look.

Your friend may look amazing wearing blue contact lens but if it is not the perfect colour for your skin tone, you will end up ruining your looks and wasting your money.

Despite the fact that there is a variety of coloured eyes contact lenses out there to pick from, you can still choose the perfect eye makeup for your fair skin tone with the help of some expert advice which you will find here.

Choosing the perfect coloured contact lens: How to go about?

Choosing coloured contact lenses is much like choosing glass frames. Some eyeglasses look striking while on display in the optical shop, but not so great when you try them on. It is because the frames are the wrong style for your face shape and sometimes the colour doesn’t match your skin tone.

Likewise, while choosing coloured eye lenses, you will have to consider your skin tone, hair colour, and even the colour of your outfit. Eye lenses are a part of your accessory which should be chosen with care. They add personality to your look and give you an opportunity to express your unique personal style. You can’t confidently shine if you are not looking your best, won’t you?

So which colour lens will best suit your fair skin tone?

Let us assist you out in picking the best shades from O Lens that will work for you. Whether you intend to surprise all your friends with your dazzling eyes on the prom night or appear the mysterious lady, who captures hearts in a party, we have you covered.

The perfect colour lens for fair skin tone 

Many say that if you have a fair skin tone, you are blessed as any coloured contact lenses would look incredible on you. It is true that people with fair skin tone have an advantage over those with dark or wheatish (light brown) skin tone. But to be a total knockout, you will have to put extra effort in making the right selection.

As promised, here is a selection of coloured contact lenses from O Lens India which will enhance your fair skin tone.

  • Jenith3 Sky Grey

Wear the Jenith3 Sky Grey contact lenses any day and we bet you will be looking the classiest woman in the room. It will perfectly blend with your fair skin tone.

Grey being a neutral colour, you can play with different outfit colours like green for spring and summertime, mustard to add a warmer shade, and even pink to create a look that is balanced.

  • Russian Velvet Grey

Want to go for the mesmerizing and sexy look on your special date night? Russian Velvet Grey coloured lens can help you achieve the look without going the extra mile with your makeup. The colour will enhance your fairer tone as well.

Pair it with your gorgeous red dress and you will be a real stunner!  

  • Spanish Real Sky

Create a soft, dreamy look that sparks interest and make people want to approach you with the Spanish Real Sky coloured lens from O Lens India. The cool colour is a favourite among people with fairer skin tone as it looks great on them.

Wear it with other cool tone like gray or purple dress and even your little black dress and wait for compliments to pour in.

  • Symphony Grey

Symphony Grey coloured lens looks almost blue-grey and we recommend it to people with fair skin tones as it will improve your complexion without overdoing your makeup. Blue and grey is a balanced colour combination and you can achieve a sophisticated look with ease.

To add a colour pop, consider wearing a yellow dress or bring out your passion and energy by wearing it with a fiery colour like red.

Not sure which skin tone you have?

We can help you determine your skin tone. It is easy!

  • Fair Skin Tones

You look very fair or have porcelain skin. Your skin gets burnt very easily. You may be very blonde, possess pale eyes or own very dark hair and a porcelain complexion.

  • Light Skin Tones

You have pale skin and you burn and then tan. You might have a healthy glow in the summer and get pale in the winter.

  • Medium Skin Tones

You possess an average skin tone, and you usually tan when out in the sun.

  • Tan Skin Tones

You have a darker skin tone. Probably you are of Mediterranean or other ethnic descent, and you tan easily.

  • Dark Skin Tones

You have a noticeably dark skin tone and you tan very easily. Possibly you are of African-American, Latin, or Indian descent.

Buy contact lenses online

Now that you are aware of your skin tone and the best colour lens for your fair complexion, it is time to hunt for your perfect coloured contact lenses online. Consider buying your contact lens from O Lens as we offer only the best quality lenses which are comfortable for your eyes.

Experiment and have fun with our coloured contact lenses. Life is too short to be wearing the same eye makeup every day. Switch up your eye accessory!