Which Color Lens Will Suit a Whitish Skin Tone?

You consider your skin tone while picking your ideal clothing colours or colouring your hair.

So why not match your colour lens with your skin tone as well?

Doing so will help you achieve a more natural-looking eyes while enhancing your beauty.

This article is for those with whitish complexion who are looking for the perfect color contact lenses.

Now how do you know if you have a whitish complexion?

whitish is one of the most desirable skin tones. Just look at the most beautiful actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Shilpa Shetty, and Lisa Hayden! Don’t their skin tones make you go green with envy?


If you fall under this category, you have a warm skin undertone, i.e., a yellow-orange undertone.


Still unsure?

Turn your arm upwards and look at the underside of your forearm to find your darkest most obvious vein. If it is blue-green or bluish-purple, you are a “cool” tone. If it is bluish-purple you are a “warm” tone. 

Eye makeup for whitish skin tone

Now that you are sure you have a whitish skin tone, the next step is to find out which lens colors will suit your complexion.

Coloured eye lenses come in variety! Hence, people find it quite difficult to determine the right colour choice. But we can make it easier for you.

O Lens has a wide range of the best coloured contact lenses that will look gorgeous on your whitish skin.

Brown contact lens is an ideal choice for you as instead of bright shades, you should opt for warm colours, just like your skin tone to appear your best.


You can also look for coloured eye lenses with rich overtones of grey to make your eyes glow without looking unnatural. 

Without further ado, here are the best contact lenses from O Lens India to compliment your whitish skin tone


Coloured eye lenses for whitish skin tone

  • Jenith Natural Grey

Jenith Natural Grey from O Lens will blend perfectly with the whitish complexion and help you change your appearance without going overboard with your eye makeup.

Though grey eyes are very rare, you can still achieve a beautiful, mysterious look that looks natural. The lens comes with brown flecks to make it appear more natural. And grey will complement your skin tone.

Reach out for eye shadows that are gold, cinnamon, and warm shades of red, like rust to bring more attention to your eyes.

And of course, smoky eyes look best on women with a whitish skin tone so you can always try and perfect your smoky eyes trick. Try adding light depth with a hazy wash of misty gray or a silvery blue. Picking a similar steely hue is the best way to subtly play up this rare eye colour.


  • Russian Velvet Brown

There is something sweet and fascinating about brown eyes. And brown eyes are luminous and naturally expressive. Get the Russin Velvet Brown coloured lenses to achieve the look.

You can still go for a brown contact lens if you have naturally brown eyes to enhance your eye colour.

While wearing brown lenses, you can pick warm metallic eye shadows as they can make brown eyes glisten. They will highlight even the slightest hint of gold undertones.

You can also try deep blue shadows during the daytime. It is office-appropriate and it will animate brown eyes without looking severe. It will create a slight but eye-catching contrast.

Whatever colour you choose, try blending the crease with black shadow to add a touch of intensity.

Spanish Real Grey

Image source

Another grey colour in the list as it blends naturally with your whitish skin. And grey eyes are great for photographs.

The Spanish Real Gery will add the flair of sophistication and a mystic edge without trying too hard. You can easily pull off both the modern and casual look.

As far as eye shadows go, try an orange tone, including neutral brown, copper, peach, salmon, melon or even bright orange. 

Or grey eye makeup can work perfectly for grey eyes! Apply a lighter shade of grey eye shadow or eyeliner to make the grey colour of your contact lens appear darker. You can also apply a darker grey shade to make your eye colour appear lighter.

Wearing contact lenses for the first time? This is what you should know.

  • Stick with oil-free products around your eyes. The oils in creams and eye shadows can at times work their way through the natural contours of your face and into your eyes.
  • Be wary of applying makeup on the lid ledge- the part of the lid that touches the surface of your eyeballs. If you block the oil glands with makeup, it can cause dry eyes, dirty lenses, and even sties. 
  • Stick to traditional lengthening and volumizing mascaras. Stay away from mascaras with fiber particles.
  • Stay hygienic. Wash your hands and dry them with a clean towel before inserting your lens.

Make Your Eyes Pop

Now you know a few eye makeup tricks, it is time to revamp your beauty routine and make your eyes pop!

Whether you are looking to change your eye colour daily or only on special occasions, coloured eye lenses from O Lens is the answer. Go and pick your favourite lens to suit your whitish tone and alter your look altogether.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different colours as life is too short to be wearing the wrong pair of contact lenses!

Why coloured lenses from O Lens?

We are certified by the FDA, CE, and KFDA. Our lenses are designed not only to enhance your eye colour but to give you comfort.

So if you are looking to buy contact lenses online, go no further than O Lens.

We guarantee the best contact lenses for your eyes.