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How Can I Tell if My Contact Lens is Inside Out?

Since contact lenses normally come with a visibility tint to allow you to verify exactly how you should be holding it. Thus, you should be able to tell if it is inside out without any problem.

However there other ways to help you tell if your lens is inside out. Read further to learn how.

Though rigid gas permeable lenses are not easy to turn inside out as they are too inflexible, it’s in fact quite easy to reverse soft contact lenses by mistake. Wearing lenses inside out can result in blurred vision and can give you quite an uncomfortable experience. You don’t have to worry though, as it will not in any way bring damage to your eye.

Learn how to spot a lens that is inside out

Prior to taking a look at your lens, ensure there is no excess solution or cleaning fluid as it will make holding it much more difficult. You have to be able to position the lens correctly on your finger so that it can be placed into your eye.

Examine the contact lens from the side

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure if your contact lens is inside out. Turn and inspect your contacts closely from the side. Position the lens so that it sits on the tip of your finger. The edge should be facing up. Hold it close to your eyes to get a better view. If you position the lens correctly, it will be cup-shaped and the edges will be curved upright. If it is V-shaped with an evident rim around the edge, the lens is turned inside out.

The half-moon test

This is another simple and effective way to confirm the position of your contact lens. Securely grip the lens in the center between your thumb and index finger. Make certain that you are able to see the outside of the lens clearly. Squeeze it gently like you are trying to fold it in half.

With the edge facing up, your lens should form the shape of a half-moon. Then you can safely insert it into your eye. If the lens is inside out, the rim is facing outwards in the direction of your thumb and index finger.  In that case, you should reverse it. Place it in the palm of your while reversing.

Investigate the visibility tint

You will find a handling or visibility tint in some contact lenses. They are usually green or blue hues, around the edge of the rim. While the tint will not obstruct your vision, it will be easier to hold the lens and you will be able to insert it more precisely.

Use the tint to decide whether the lens is turned correctly. Place it on the tip of your finger and inspect the color on the rim. If you notice a bold green or blue hue, the lens is correctly positioned. A faded or lighter tint indicates that you should reverse the lens.

Check for laser markings

Some contact lenses come with laser markings. They can assist you to tell whether they are turned correctly. The markings can be numbers, for instance, '123.' When you view it from the side, it should read normally from left to right. Reversed numbers or upside down numbers are indicative that the lens is turned inside out.

Remember that you will be able to see the laser markings from only one side of the lens. If they are not visible right away, you should turn the lens slowly until you find them

Invest time and care to be taught how to handle your contact lenses

Putting on your contact lenses will become second nature with time and practice. You’ll hardly ever spend much time investigating them to know if they are inside out or not.

Even when you insert your lenses the wrong way round by accident, you can be relieved that your eyes will not be damaged. You are likely to feel uncomfortable and as soon as you sense that the lens is inside out, remove it with clean hands. You can clean the contacts with a fitting solution before reinserting it after checking that it is the correct way round.  


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