Spanish Brown ( 1 Day )

Color Lens
Rs. 1,300.00 INR

Diameter: 14.0mm 

G.Diameter: 11.9mm 

Duration: 1 Day

Contains: 10 Pair(20 Piece) Lenses per package ( 1 box ) or

                 5 Pair(10 Piece) Lenses per package ( 1 box )

Power :
Pair :
Rs. 2,590.00 INR


* Wouldn’t you love your eyes to look their best? If yes, then, having a color contact lens as your companion is an ideal choice. All you need is just the best Spanish Brown contact lens to get that hint of grace and beauty you want. So, it is time for you to dress your eyes with our Spanish contact lenses for women. You’ll get the chance to style your eyes in different ways with the finest Spanish Brown Contact lenses by olens India.

*The Spanish Brown 1Day Duration Contact Lenses by O-Lens are the best contact lens for eyes as well as the most premium and soft lenses that provide your eyes with visual clarity, performance, and comfort. Exceptional for prolonged usage – our Spanish Brown Contact lenses are great for the Daily wearing experience, offering moisture and comfort. Our lenses provide 14.0mm Diameter and 11.9mm Graphic Diameter.


These Olens Spanish Brown Contact Lenses are available with power -0.00 and shades perfect for Indian skin tone.

Regardless of the Daily Colored Contact Lenses you choose, you can look forward to a magical experience. These 1Day Spanish Brown lenses by O-lens are sure to add to your appearance while adding a touch of elegance to your eyes. You can wear these Spanish contact lenses anywhere you want to get the look that you’ve always wanted.


Spanish Collection Information

Power Range


 Lens Diameter

14.0 mm

Graphic Diameter

11.9 mm

Base Curve

8.7 mm

Water Content


Replacement Cycle

1 Day






Q1) Are OLENS colored contact lenses safe?

Yes, OLENS colored contact lenses are safe. O-Lens are made safety material with safety manufacturer company. And most 1day color is lens made PC material. This is very advanced material , safety and human friendly material.

Q2) What is the Graphic Diameter and base curve for these lenses?

Please check product detail page so you can check all lens detail about base curve and diameter.

Q3) How many lenses per box?

One Day disposable Contact Lens contains 5 or 10 pairs per box. 6Month & Monthly contact lenses contain 1 pair per box.

Q4) How long can i wear color contacts a day?

You can wear color contacts lenses for 4 to 8 hours a day. But, it is totally depend on your eye condition. if you have not feeling good, then we recommend do not use wear.

Q5) Are OLENS support power (prescription) as well ?

Yes, we support all power lens. Please check product detail page. If there is only 0.00 option, then these lens is not supporting power lens.

Q6) how many times can I use it?

you can use it after opening till its duration period. If you are not opening you can keep it.

Q7) Is this lens support spherical or cylindrical?

OLENS is support only Spherical power. We support power till -8.00 except -0.75. please check each lens detail page, so that you can check supported power.







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