Daily Combo Kit

Color Lens
Rs. 259.00 INR



All O-LENS 1 day Color collection available !! 


Minimum Order Quantity : 3 Pair ~


Russian Smoky Grey | Russian Smoky Olive | Russian Smoky Brown | Scandi Grey | Scandi Olive | Scandi Hazel | Secriss Coral Grey | Secriss Coral Brown | Secriss Natural Brown |  Secriss Natural Grey | Secriss Natural Green |  Spanish Grey | Spanish Brown | Viviring Brown | Viviring Choco | Mood Night Grey | Mood Night Brown | Real Ring Brown | Real Ring Grey - Select Available


Dear, You can purchase all color together 

Step1. Select Which you want to buy and Add to Cart

Step 2. Select Another color and Add to Cart

Step 3. Select Another color and Add to Cart

Step 4. Check out All together

* Prepayment order only available
* Refund/exchange is not available at any reasons.
* Zero power only available

Power :
Pair :
Color :
Russian Smoky Grey [ BEST ]
Russian Smoky Brown [ BEST ]
Russian Smoky Olive [ BEST ]
Secriss Coral Grey
Secriss Coral Brown
Scandi Grey [ BEST ]
Scandi Olive
Scandi Hazel
Secriss Natural Brown
Secriss Natural Grey
Secriss Natural Green
Spanish Grey [ BEST ]
Spanish Brown
Viviring Brown
Viviring Choco
Viviring Pink
Mood Night Brown
Mood Night Grey
Real Ring Grey [ NEW ]
Real Ring Brown [ NEW ]
Rs. 259.00 INR

Q1) Are OLENS colored contact lenses safe?

Yes, OLENS colored contact lenses are safe. O-Lens are made safety material with safety manufacturer company. And most 1day color is lens made PC material. This is very advanced material , safety and human friendly material.

Q2) What is the Graphic Diameter and base curve for these lenses?

Please check product detail page so you can check all lens detail about base curve and diameter.

Q3) How many lenses per box?

One Day disposable Contact Lens contains 5 or 10 pairs per box. 6Month & Monthly contact lenses contain 1 pair per box.

Q4) How long can i wear color contacts a day?

You can wear color contacts lenses for 4 to 8 hours a day. But, it is totally depend on your eye condition. if you have not feeling good, then we recommend do not use wear.

Q5) Are OLENS support power (prescription) as well ?

Yes, we support all power lens. Please check product detail page. If there is only 0.00 option, then these lens is not supporting power lens.

Q6) how many times can I use it?

you can use it after opening till its duration period. If you are not opening you can keep it.

Q7) Is this lens support spherical or cylindrical?

OLENS is support only Spherical power. We support power till -8.00 except -0.75. please check each lens detail page, so that you can check supported power.







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