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Tips to Maintain Your O-Lens

Whether you are using O-Lens to enhance your eye color, follow these tips to extend the life of your contact lenses and avoid infection.

Tips to Clean Your O-Lens

  • Make sure to wash and rinse your hands using a mild soap prior to handling your O-lens contacts. Your hands should be free of perfumes, oils, or lotions as the film can irritate your eyes or blur your vision.  
  • Pat your hands dry with a clean, lint-free towel.
  • All hair sprays should be used before you put in your contacts. Keeping your fingernails short and smooth will ensure that you won’t damage your lenses or scratch your eye.
  • You can put on your eye makeup after you apply your lenses. But make sure to take them out prior to removing your makeup.
  • Always use the disinfecting solution enzymatic cleaners, and eye drops recommended by your doctor. Not all eye products are safe for contact wearers.
  • Do not put tap water directly on your lenses. It may create a breeding ground for bugs that can cause an infection or mar your vision.

Correct Procedure to Cleans O-Lens

Gently rub O-Lens with your index finger in the palm of your other hand to remove surface build-up.

The lens case should be cleaned every time you use it using either sterile solution or hot tap water. You can air dry it and replace the case every 3 months.

Wear Your O-Lens Safely

  • Wear your O-Lens each day only as long as your doctor advises.
  • To make it easier to remember when to change your lenses, ask your doctor for a chart to track your schedule. You can make one for yourself too in case your doctor doesn’t provide it.
  • Don’t share your O-Lens especially used lenses. It can spread infections or particles.
  • Never sleep with your contacts in except when you are wearing extended-wear lenses. Your tears don’t bring enough oxygen to your eyes as when your eyelids are closed.
  • The tip of your solution bottles should not touch other surfaces, like your eyes, fingers or contacts as they can contaminate the solution.
  • Since contacts can make your eyes more light-sensitive, protect them with sunglasses that have total UV protection or a wide-brim hat when out in the sun.
  • Use a prescribed rewetting solution to keep your eyes moist.
  • In case your eye gets irritated, take your Lens Speak to your doctor about the problem before you put them on again. If you continue to wear them, your eye could get infected. Follow your doctor's instructions when you start to wear your lenses again to prevent an infection.
  • Visit your eye doctor right away in case of sudden vision loss, light flashes, eye pain, infection, swelling, unusual redness, blurred vision that doesn’t get better or irritation.
  • Don’t swim with your O-Lens in. Wearing goggles are better than nothing, but you may still get a serious infection if you wear contacts in a pool, or worse, in a lake.
Following all these tips will give you a good experience when you wear your O-Lens.
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