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What is the Phosphorylcholine Material of Color Lens?

Phosphorylcholine material (PC) is becoming increasingly popular in the contact lens industry. It is a biocompatible material usually utilized in medical implants and prosthetics.  

The PC coating in contact lenses reduces evaporation of water from your eye surface. It keeps your eyes hydrated for a long time and gives your eyes comfort. If your other contact lenses are causing irritation to your eyes that are normally caused by protein and lipid buildup, you should try switching to contact lenses that feature Phosphorylcholine material (PC). Its biocompatibility highly reduces the risk of irritation.

Contact lenses that contain Phosphorylcholine material (PC) are known to reduce dry eye better than regular hydrogel contacts. Consider wearing contact lenses from O-LENS as it has a variety of colored lenses, if wearing other contact lenses makes your eyes dry and uncomfortable. It has Phosphorylcholine material and will keep your eyes hydrated for a longer period of time as compared to usual contact lenses.

Why choose O-Lens made of Phosphorylcholine material?

O-Lens made of Phosphorylcholine material (PC) are biocompatible contact lenses. They feature high biocompatibility and you can use them for medical devices and artificial tears. Their moisture absorbency is excellent and the smoothness on the surface of the lens relaxes the stimulus. Since it suppresses protein disposition, the material helps you to maintain a clear vision.

Why does your contact lenses don't feel so comfortable in your eyes by the end of the day?

One of the main reasons why your eyes feel discomfort when wearing contact lenses is that your body attempts to refuse foreign objects in your eyes. They try to coat them with proteins, lipids, and other cells from the surrounding fluids.

However, you can prevent this rejection reaction that produces discomfort. You can wear contact lenses that are comfortable with your body. If you use contact lenses such as O-lens made of Phosphorylcholine material (PC), your body won't try to fight it as it won’t consider it as a foreign object.

Modern technology has created healthy contact lenses with PC (phosphorylcholine), a substance that occurs in human cells by nature.

We are talking about O-Lens collection of colored contact lenses. The Phosphorylcholine material (PC) used in O-lens creates a healthy biocompatible lens material that feels comfortable and moist for a prolonged period of time. Since the lens is also very resistant to dehydration, so it is perfect for you if you suffer from dry eyes.

What are the effects of Phosphorylcholine coatings?

>Phosphorylcholine coatings can reduce the following behaviours thus improving biocompatibility:

  • Protein deposition and activation
  • Blood activation and thrombus formation
  • Bacterial adhesion and biofilm deposition
  • Inflammatory response
  • Fibrous capsule formation

Opt for O-Lens 1day - Secriss collection colored contact lenses

If you are looking for the ideal colored lenses for a comfortable contact lens wearing experience, O-Lens 1day - Secriss collection colored contact lenses are the ultimate choice. Not only does it provide a varied and beautiful color choice including gray and brown, but you can also be ensured of a comfortable and moist eye.
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